Decibel eleven Pedal Palette

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Decibel eleven Pedal Palette


El Pedal Palette es el primer looper 100% análogo con funciones de Routing, Mixer y capaz de cambiar el orden de los efectos al vuelo.

Un mixer paralelo y totalmente programable.

 Pedal Palette Features:

  • 4 Pedal Effects Loops - True Relay Bypass
  • Swap Pedal Order Instantly
  • Assign Any Effect Loop to Parallel Mix Bus
  • Tails Control - Delay and Reverb Tails Continue When Switched OFF
  • Fully Analog Signal Path with Optional Class A Discrete Input Buffer
  • Store & Recall Up To 128 Pre-Set Configurations
  • Recall Stored Presets and Sync Multiple Pedal Palettes with MIDI
  • 3 Year Warranty